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We ask that families who drive to school park responsibly, away from the school and without blocking driveways or footpaths, taking into consideration the safety of children and adults. By maintaining courtesy towards the village residents, we can maintain our excellent relationship with them.

Please avoid parking on the corner by the pink house. This blocks the road and makes visibility very difficult for residents leaving Cam Lane. Please always ensure your parked car allows for pedestrians and pushchairs to get through safely. Children and pushchairs must NEVER be forced into the road. If using Brearelands please be considerate of residents. We are aware that parking is very difficult, and we request that you do not drive up Cam Lane as there are no footpaths and the safety of our children is the number one priority. We are very grateful to everyone who takes the time to park responsibly even when this involves a walk to school. Some notes highlighting areas of private land are detailed below. Please do not reverse onto drives or block access. Please park at the bottom of Booth Bridge Lane, not at the top where it narrows. Thank you.





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