At Thornton in Craven Primary School, we have houses that children are allocated when they join us. Our houses are named after local rivers. They are: 

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The House System is designed to embody the values and ethos of the school and is an integral part of our school community. It is our ambition that the House System alongside the Eco Council will enable our pupils to have a stronger voice in the decision-making across the school. 

The objectives of the House System 

Our objective is to give every child in each house and those who take positions of responsibility the following: 

  • A sense of belonging 

  • Positive role models from within their peer group 

  • A sense of achievement outside the classroom 

  • Fun and excitement through competition 

  • Curiosity and creativity 

  • Leadership 

  • Individual and collective responsibility 

  • The confidence to be bold, take action and develop a spirit of adventure 

  • The development of communication skills, flexibility and resilience 


Each House has a Captain represented by Year 6. The captains count up all the points for their house each Friday and announce the results in each Friday assembly. 


House Points 

Students in each House strive to earn as many House points as they can to support their House and to be the House with the most points. Students can earn these points through effort in class and other varying situations such as helping younger children, being caught being thoughtful and considerate, helping others etc. The children wear their house colour t-shirt for PE each week.  

At the end of each half term the winning house have the opportunity to wear their own clothes for a day and receive a treat in the afternoon, such as hot chocolate or ice lollies. 

Throughout the year there will be various activities across the school that children participate in in their houses including sports day.   

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