A typical day at our school

8.00-8.50am Breakfast Club  - breakfast, milk or water, games and socialising before school
9.00-9.30am Phonics/Spelling/Guided reading
9.30-10.30am Numeracy
10.30 - 10.45am Playtime -whole school - children play together on the playground or school field
10.45-12.00 Literacy including grammar
12.00-1.00 Lunch - all school meals are cooked on site


2.15-2.30pm Playtime - whole school
2.30-3.30pm History/Geography/PE/Science/ART/DT/RE/Music/French/PSHCE
3.30-5.30pm After school club - Art/Baking/Gardening/Film


Collective worship is delivered through assemblies that are either whole school or by key stage in classes.  A daily act of Christian worship is statutory and is observed.

We also say Grace before lunch and have a school prayer which is:

This is our school

let peace dwell here

Let the room

be full of contentment

Let love abide here

love of one another

love of life itself

and love of God

Let us remember

that as many hands

built a house

so many hearts

make a school