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Reading and Phonics

Learning to read and write

Your child will be taught using a resource called ‘Letters and Sounds’. These lessons build up children’s understanding of phonics.  The lessons take place daily and a new sound is introduced each day.  As children learn these sounds, they develop the skills to blend the sounds together to read and to segment the sounds to spell or write.

“Younger pupils use their phonics to help them read unfamiliar words. These skills are taught effectively. In a lesson observed in the Reception class, children worked well in teams to read, write and match words containing ‘ee’ and ’oa’ sounds with their corresponding pictures. These pupils enjoyed working together and made good progress.”  Ofsted December 2013

We use jolly phonics to supplement our teaching.  The children learn actions and songs that correspond with a sound.  The children learn single sounds in a particular order first.  The first sounds taught are satp because these sounds can be arranged to make simple words such as sat, tap, part etc…

Once single letter sounds have been learned.  The children are introduced to sounds that are made up of two letters such as sh, th, oa, ee etc…


We teach reading through phonics, the children are encouraged to sound out and blend phonemes to read a word.

Some words cannot be segmented using phonics so we also teach children to learn a number of words by sight and as well as teaching these at school, we ask you to work on these at home.

When your child can recognise a number of sounds, they are given a reading book.  Initially they will need help to blend the word together to read but most pick up the skill quite quickly.  They will be given a reading book when they are ready. 

We teach reading though using phonetically plausible (containing words that can be sounded out using phonics) reading books but we may supplement these with other books such as Oxford reading tree books.

We also teach reading through weekly guided reading sessions.  In these sessions, children read the same book in small groups with children of a similar ability. 

Hearing children read independently at school occurs during phonics sessions.  We also hear them independently or through guided reading sessions.  We do rely on you hearing your child read at home daily.  This is the most effective way of helping your child to progress.

Guided Reading

Guided reading sessions happen weekly in all three classes.  The children read together in small groups with or without an adult.  They are then able to discuss the text in detail and share ideas.

Reading Comprehension Homework

Children may be sent reading comprehension homework to complete at home.  This helps the children to develop their comprehension of texts.  It is also excellent preparation for statutory KS1 and KS2 reading tests.  

PSHE and Sex and Relationships Education

Please see attachments below for details of our PSHE and SRE lessons