Meet the Staff

Staff List 

Headteacher  - Miss Suzie Brown.



Mrs E Wilkinson - Mrs Wilkinson joined us in September 2016.  She teaches nursery and reception in our EYFS unit.  Mrs Willkinson is our EYFS leader and Maths co-ordinator.  She also deputises when the Headteacher is absent from school.

Miss F Magill - Miss Magill joined us in 2020 and she is teaching our Y1/2 class.

Mrs A Maloney (0.8) - Mrs Maloney joined us in 2019 and she teaches year 3 and year 4.  She is our history and geography co-ordinator.

Mrs N Moorhouse (0.6) - Mrs Moorhouse joined us in 2011.  She taught reception/Y1 before moving to Y5/6 in 2016.  Mrs Moorhouse leads literacy, art and DT.  She is also our staff governor.

Mrs N Whitwell (0.4) - Mrs Whitwell has worked at the school for over fifteen years.  She has taught Y2 upwards and is she is our science co-ordinator.  She currently teaches Y5/6.

Support staff

Mrs E Balderstone - Mrs Balderstone has worked at the school for 13 years.  She works in EYFS.

Mrs L Brewster - Mrs Brewster joined us in 2010.  She is based in class 2.  She works as an advanced teaching assistant and higher level teaching assistant and teaches across the school.

Mrs A Acornley - Mrs Acornley joined us in 2015.  Her three children all came to the school and they recently moved to secondary school.  She is based in class 4. She also leads our after school provision.

Miss G Ainsley - Mrs Ainsley joined us in 2020.  She supports our Y1/2 children and she runs our breakfast club provision.

Mrs R Lord - Mrs Lord joined us in 2021.  She supports in our Y3/4 classroom.

School Administrator – Mrs M Leeming

School Cook – Kathryn Seed

Midday supervisors – Mrs A Acornley, Mrs D Carter, Mrs L Brewster

School Caretaker – Mr David Waterworth

SENCo support - Sara Toomey